Shadowrun 6 – What did Pegasus change?

Shadowrun 6 – What did Pegasus change?

Working on my German review of Shadowrun 6 I of course also bought the German version. Not only because everyone keeps saying the German version will be better, but also because … it is a German review, of course I am going to review the German version. The German review is over here on YouTube.

Reading all the "Pegasus does it way better!" stuff almost has a feel as if the German version of Shadowrun 6 is something completely different (reinforced if you do not speak German I guess?)

Thus now: A list of the differences I found between Pegasus's German version and CGL's English version by skimming the book for these differences over the course of two days:

  • Pegasus included the errata in a sensible way. CGL's day 1 PDF errata was not included very well. Tables missing were just put at the end, while Pegasus put them where they belong.
  • Some of the most obvious mishaps were fixed. For example the Technomancer Archetype having "Skinlink" as a complex form, while it actually is an Echo.
  • Tiny improvements (might be obvious mishaps, though) were also made: The one thing I saw was, that Pegasus wrote unarmed damage under the "Damage Value" paragraph in the Combat chapter. Might be the only one of these "tiny improvements" … Maybe.
  • There are some extra pictures, and the cheat-sheet tables at the end of the book are now sorted in a sensible way (by page numbers, rather than … not a all). Pegasus also added some additional tables in there.
  • At the end (completely out of context after the gear-catalogue) there are 15 pages about what is going on in the AdL (German allied states) in the year 2080, which is actually a pretty good read – as is normal for most Shadowrun flavour texts.

Thus the German version is a proofread version of the English version. It still is Shadowrun 6, with goods and bads.
Which is what one should really expect. Doing anything more than fixing the most obvious mistakes wouldn't really allow for the title of Shadowrun 6.

This does not include the Pegasus exclusive German sourcebooks by the way, of which there of course are going to be some, because €€€.